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Roasted Glass Bottle
Glass perfume bottles
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  • Product Name:Glass perfume bottles
  • Specifications Capacity:20ml
  • Order Phone:18647895023 / +86-0516-85060619
  • Company Name:Xuzhou Yuhua Glass Products Co., Ltd.
  • Details:

    Founded in 1990, it was renamed Xuzhou Honghua Glass Technology Co., Ltd. and successfully registered on October 24, 2013, with a registered capital of more than 5 million.

    Our company is a glass factory with great strength. We produce all kinds of glass bottles for many years. We are mainly committed to the middle and high-grade bottle market. Our products are outstanding in appearance, transparent in body, excellent in hardness and perfect in sealing performance. Our factory has 6 production lines of full-automatic row and column machines, 20 manual packaging lines, 800000 glass bottles per day, more than tens of thousands of tons of products per day, and many machine production lines rotate day and night, all of which adopt high-tech automatic production lines and row and column machines, install the most stable and fast transportation belt, maintain accurate high-speed and safe operation all day, and ensure the perfect, exquisite and perfect bottle shape It solves the 


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