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Roasted Glass Bottle
Coloured nail polish bottle
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  • Product Name:Coloured nail polish bottle
  • Specifications Capacity:25ml
  • Order Phone:18697105836 / +86-0516-85060619
  • Company Name:Xuzhou Yuhua Glass Products Co., Ltd.
  • Details:

    The address is located in the Industrial Development Zone of Mapo Town, Xuzhou City, with convenient transportation, roads, railways and waterways. The company has many cooperative enterprises, such as tinplate cover factory, plastic bottle cover factory, glass bottle mold factory, glass packaging carton factory, baking flower factory, Mongolian sanding factory, cutting factory and other glass deep processing production lines.

    Our company has ten kinds of thousands of glass bottles, which are wine bottle, red wine bottle, grape wine bottle, white wine bottle, ice wine bottle, health wine bottle, beverage bottle, juice bottle, fruit wine bottle, coffee bottle, can head bottle, pickle bottle, jam bottle, beef jam bottle, chili jam bottle, Douban jam bottle, milk bottle, yoghurt bottle, seasoning bottle, fermented bean curd milk bottle, oil bottle, vinegar bottle, honey bottle and other food packages Bottling, as well as 


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